Knead Massage

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Swedish $60/90
Most commonly used and designed to create relaxation and to improve circulation.  Gentle to moderate pressure is applied.
Deep Tissue $90/120
A more focused massage work for a specific muscle, joint or muscle group. By accessing the deeper tissues of the soft tissue lactic acid build-up (knots) can be reached and "broken" back into the circulation. 
Prenatal/Postnatal  $70/100
A popular complimentary massage for expecting mothers when choices for pain relief such as medication are limited. Found to reduce stress, decrease swelling in the limbs and relieve aches and pains in muscle and joints attributed to carrying new life.
Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy $80/110
Hot Stone $100/120
An adaptation of a Tibetan form of "back walking" this massage is described as the deepest most luxurious massage on the planet.  A rare massage to find in Chicagoland but not here at Knead.
Lava stones are utilized as an efficient method of heating the muscles massaged to prepare the body for deep muscle work.  Increases circulation by flushing blood and oxygen into the muscle through heating the stones and sliding along an oiled body.
Reflexology $35 30min.
The history of reflexology dates back centuries ago in ancient Egypt. Evidence of use of this form of alternative medicine during this time is shown by wall paintings of on the tombstones of physicians. Reflexology is a method of massage therapy that promotes healing and beneficial changes in the body of a patient by applying pressure on the reflex zone(s) using thumbs, fingers and hand techniques. This method of working on the reflexes of the hands and feet, is capable of improving health, relaxing the body and reducing pain.

System Reboot $120/200
In this Reiki Master technique we remove stagnant energy, or "blocks" while simultaneously re-programming the body. Be it emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually, stagnant energy can cause you  pain and/or prevent you from moving forward.